How to Design a Plant Room


There are decided benefits to decorating with plants -- from the aesthetics of flowers and vines to medicinal or cooking qualities of an herb garden to the air-cleaning qualities of plants like the spider plant. When designing a plant room, consider the lighting, space and ease of access to make growing plants easier and more convenient.

Step 1

Assess the plant room to determine how much natural light can be accessed through the windows. Observe the room at different times of the day and take notice of how the sunlight moves around the room; how much direct and indirect light there is and where it is. This will help determine which plants can be grown, where to place them and whether growing lights must be purchased.

Step 2

Make a list of the types of plants you would like to grow. Include a variety of sizes and shapes to add aesthetic value and consider their color and textures when planning. From a design standpoint, the long, flowing shape of hanging vines around the outsides of a window can be starkly offset by a row of snake plants in the windowsill, which grow stiff and straight.

Step 3

Assess the containers, plant stands and hooks you have and which ones you'll need. Plants can be hung or put on stands, boxes and crates to create varying heights to help fit them more aesthetically into a design and to provide easy accessfor watering. If your room has one window as a focal point, you could plan the design to surround that window with hanging plants, at varying heights -- using plants stands and crates, you'd bring the plants lower and lower to the ground around the window and trailing off into the room.

Step 4

Purchase grow lights for dark areas of the room. Grow lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be hung or put on stands. These use special lighting designed to simulate the growing properties of sunlight.


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