How to Build Wooden Lawn Planters


Lawn planters have many advantages. They are portable, allowing homeowners to place them practically anywhere. They provide an alternate growing space where garden soil is poor or does not exist at all. They increase productivity, since every square inch is specifically meant for planting. Planters can also be raised to any height to prevent a person with back problems from bending too low. Although a variety of materials can be used for planters, a simple rectangular wooden planter is easy to make and does not require prior experience or skill.

Step 1

Determine the height, depth, length and width of the planter so you can purchase lengths of wooden boards accordingly. If you have a particular spot in mind, measure it so you can mbuild the planter to fit the space. Ideally, a depth of eight to 10 inches is sufficient for most roots to grow and spread. Also, do not make it wider than 3 feet, or reaching plants in the middle will be a problem.

Step 2

Purchase good quality wooden boards from a hardware store. You can select pine, cedar, oak, teak, redwood or any other type of wood. The final choice depends on your preference and allocated budget. Use a saw to cut the wood to size, or ask a professional at the store to cut it for you. Cut five lengths of wood; two similar-sized boards for the front of the planter and the back, two similar-sized boards for the short sides and a base as wide as the short sides but as long as the front and back. You can also raise the planter by cutting four blocks that will serve as legs under each corner.

Step 3

Hold the side piece against an edge of the front piece, ensuring the joint it even and flush. Join both the pieces together with 1-inch galvanized woodscrews, one at the top and the other at the lower edge. You will have an L-shape in front of you. Repeat the process to join the back piece to the other side short side.

Step 4

Dry fit both the structures on a flat surface in such a way that the short side of one rests firmly against the long side of the other. Hold them together firmly as you screw woodscrews to attach them, one at the upper edge and another at the lower edge. Review the joint and reinforce it with another woodscrew in the middle, if necessary. Repeat the procedure on the other side.

Step 5

Drill 1-inch drainage holes in the base piece, spaced 8-inches apart.

Step 6

Turn the planter over so the base side faces up. Lower the base over the edges of the planter so it rests on them securely. Join it by installing woodscrews on each side so it attached firmly.

Step 7

Sand the planter to give it a smooth and even finish, and coat it with clear or colored paint. The paint will protect the wood from moisture damage as well as give it an attractive appearance.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Five wooden boards, 1-inch thickness
  • Saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Galvanized woodscrews
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint


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