How to Winterize Mount Atlas Daisy


The Mount Atlas Daisy gets its name from its native home of Atlas Mountain in Morocco. This hardy perennial makes an interesting ground cover for rock gardens or other flower beds. The daisy-like flowers appear white on the tops but are red on the underside. Hardy from zones 3 to 10, the Mount Atlas daisy is a good specimen for low gardens or rock walls.

Step 1

Determine the last expected frost date for your area and plan accordingly. Remove any items from the garden not needed for winter such as yard art or small planters.

Step 2

Avoid watering the Mount Atlas daisy the last month of the growing season. Although this plant requires little water to begin with, wet soil around the roots during a freeze could damage the plant, or cause the soil to heave.

Step 3

Remove any dead leaves or flowers by cutting off the stems with pruning shears, before preparing the Mount Atlas daisy for winterizing. Make clean cuts so the plant is not damaged. Gather any desired seeds, if available for the next growing season.

Step 4

Avoid dividing the plant until spring. The larger root system allows the plant to remain more safe during any particularly cold snaps in the winter season.

Step 5

Mulch around the Mount Atlas daisy and across the top of the plant. A layer of at least 3- to 4- inches will keep out the cold weather and protect the plant until spring. Avoid using mulch or organic material which contains any mold, which may kill the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch or other organic material
  • Pruning shears


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