Water Garden Information


Water gardens can add an interesting and relaxing touch to any yard or patio. They are easy to set up and maintenance is comparable to keeping other types of gardens. The sound of bubbling water can add a pleasurable experience to a summer afternoon in the garden.


A water garden can be any size as long as it includes plants. If a large space is not available for a pond, patio water gardens can be created out of barrels or large containers.


Plan your water garden so it receives at least six hours of sun per day. Most commonly grown water plants like lots of light.


Marginal plants have their roots in the water but the stem and leaves are above the surface as in the case of reeds and rushes. Floating plants like water hyacinth are a good way to control algae and submersed plants help oxygenate the water.

Water Movement

Water movement is not always required in a plant only garden, but is important if there are fish. A light current helps keep even temperatures in all parts of the water and moves around vital nutrients.


Fish can be added to a water garden but make sure to avoid herbivorous fish that will eat them. Gardens with plants and fish will also need some type of filtration to keep the fish healthy.


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Who Can Help

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