The Importance of Rose Flowers


Rose flowers are symbols of love, beauty and war. This flower is more than 35 million years old and mankind has been growing them for more than 5,000 years.


During the 18th century, cultivated rose flowers were introduced from China to Europe.

Time Frame

Rose flowers are in bloom from late spring until the first frost in the autumn.


Rose flowers are traditionally used for romance and weddings. Red roses are a symbol of love and romance. White roses are symbolic of innocence, purity, honor and reverence.


Pink rose flowers are symbols of grace and elegance expressing admiration and joyfulness. Yellow is a symbol of friendship with feelings of warmth and happiness. Orange roses mean desire, enthusiasm and passionate romance.


Rose flowers make it possible to breed different cultivars of roses by supplying eggs and pollen. Mixing different types of roses creates new, wonderful colors of rose flowers.


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