How to Use LED Grow Lights


LED lights have had their place for a while in our lives, but almost unnoticed. They are the little lights that glow brightly from our computers, in electronic devices, in digital clocks, all places where we never have to go since they never have to be changed. These little lights or diodes have been made to be used as a grow light by grouping them tightly together in one device.

Step 1

Set up your lights so that they are about 6 inches above your plants or seedlings. You can accomplish this by using S hooks at each corner attached to a light chain to suspend the tray-type lights from an upper shelf on a set of shelves. If you are using a grow light with a screw base, you can simply screw it into an adjustable lamp that can be bent down to shine over the plants.

Step 2

Shine the lights over the plants for nine to 14 hours a day, depending on the plant's stage of growth. If you are simulating spring conditions, the hours of light on should only be about nine or 10 hours a day. This time can be increased as the season progresses. Adjust your time to match the current daylight time when your seedlings are ready for transplanting.

Step 3

Turn on a fan in the evening during the time when your LED lights are off. This will help stimulate the stems to grow strong. Keep it at a low setting so that it acts as a slight breeze, moving the leaves just lightly.

Step 4

Increase the amount of space between the plants and the LED lights as they grow taller. The lights are not hot ,so there is not the problem of the leaves being burned as with incandescent lights, and the lights will allow for better airflow.

Things You'll Need

  • Power source
  • Light chain
  • S hooks
  • Adjustable lamp


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