Plant Gifts

Everyone loves a bouquet of roses or a potted topiary, but they don't make the most imaginative plants. If you really want to wow the plant lover in your life, get her something exciting and unexpected. Introduce your friend, family member or lover to a new plant or a novel botanical display, and your gift is sure to impress.

Easy-Care Plants

Do you have a nature lover in your life who just can't seem to keep her plants alive? Get your friend with the brown thumb a plant gift that even she can't snuff. From cacti and succulents to peace lilies and the aptly named cast-iron plant, there are many species that require minimal light and water, and they can pretty much look after themselves.


What's better than getting a plant gift? How about getting an entire ecosystem. A terrarium is an enclosed or semi-enclosed glass case with a selection of gift plants with similar water, light and heat needs. Terrariums can portray a stolid, ascetic desert setting with cacti and succulents, a bright, flowery tropical scene or anything in between. Buy a terrarium from your favorite floral gift vendor or, if you're crafty, build one yourself out of a glass container, soil, plants, ornaments and a few other simple elements.

Fruit-and-Flower Gift Pack

If you want someone to think about you, then give a gift that keeps giving for months. Order a fruit-and-flower gift pack, and your recipient will receive flowers, a flowering plant and fruit once a month for up to 12 months. Floral gift subscriptions are especially great for long-distance relationships. The taste of fresh fruit and the smell of ripe flowers will have your beloved longing to see you again.

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