Small-Scale Inexpensive Flower Garden Ideas

Designing a small-scale, inexpensive flower garden can be a challenging and rewarding experience. The beauty of a small garden is that a single, inexpensive focal point can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor haven that is eye catching and welcoming. You can get the biggest bang for your buck while constructing an inviting garden all within your designing needs and budget. Design a small-scale, inexpensive flower garden and create a space that your family and friends will enjoy.


Determine where you would like your small garden. Some things to consider are sunny and shaded areas, soil type and drainage. Also, you might want to have access to an electrical outlet for a fountain or other power-driven garden accent.

Create a Focal Point

Design your focal point with a garden accent or a blooming tree. Make a private area by carefully placing inexpensive, stone-look vinyl containers. These lightweight containers offer the flexibility to rearrange your garden space whenever you wish. Stone-look fountains and birdbaths also add interest and serenity to garden spaces. A simple path made out of thin paving stones is an inexpensive alternative and will draw guests into your garden. Consider placing a low-cost garden chair and small table within your space. Because your garden area is small, an inexpensive, well-placed item will create the inviting atmosphere you are looking for.

Other Considerations

Research your growing zone. Visit a gardening center or nursery and ask questions about the care and maintenance of plants that grow in your particular zone. Ask when seasonal sales take place. Consider a mix of shrubs or trees that will provide year-round color and structure to your garden. Mix in perennials for inexpensive, yearly blooming. Grow your perennials from seed and allow them to self-sow. Your self-sown flowers will fill in space and create an expansive, natural look to your garden. Fill in with container plants for bursts of color throughout the year. A few, well-maintained plants that are easy to care for will create the look you are after, without spending a lot of money.

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