Great Garden Ideas

Choosing great garden ideas is a subjective endeavor that depends entirely on the beholder. Skilled gardeners have individual preferences on the best garden designs, flowers and landscape options for their own home landscape. However, some garden ideas simply stand out as exceptional options for almost every landscape situation. Options include creating a water-conservation-minded landscape, or perhaps a traditional cottage-style garden requiring diligent maintenance. Container gardens offer every home or apartment dweller the option of bringing sunshine and flowers right to the outdoor living space. Creating rock gardens has become another current trend in simple landscape design.


Xeriscape landscaping features native plants chosen for drought tolerance and low maintenance. Xeriscape gardens require little or no watering and thrive with proper design and maintenance. The use of native plants, paired with proper planting techniques, helps the plants in the xeriscape. Xeriscape offers landscapers the option of an ecologically conscious garden while still creating a beautiful, peaceful garden setting.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens designed with riotous blooms and benches are making a comeback on the gardening scene. These traditional gardens contain flowers such as hollyhocks and roses placed inside a delineated space surrounded by fencing. Within the fence lay a magical world of blooming perennials and annuals as well as arbors, trellises and wrought iron benches. For the avid gardener, the cottage garden offers the best of both worlds in a beautiful place to grow plants or relax with a good book and a cup of tea.

Container Gardens

Container gardens serve as instrumental outdoor decorative elements. Flower pots, hanging baskets and planters add flair to the outdoor living space just as pictures, vases and knick-knacks do inside the home. Gardening with containers also allows individuals with limited space to experience the fun of gardening. Potential container garden ideas include vegetables, herbs, flowers, perennials and shrubs. Endless possibilities exist for container gardens with limitations only affected by the imagination of the gardener.

Rock Gardens

Focus your attention on that sloped, boring area of the landscape. That space can potentially be a fabulous rock garden. Rock gardens have become popular again. The traditional rock garden includes the placement of native rocks in natural groupings. Positioning native plants and flowers near the rock mimics the growth patterns found in the wild as plants drape gracefully over rock ledges. The balanced rock garden has repeating plants and varying rock sizes, to create a more natural look.

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