The Best Plants for Patio Covers

Create your dream patio using vibrant creeping vines. Allow their beautiful foliage and cascading branches to fill the space around the patio for a private oasis. Watch as the flowers swirl open to create bright bursts of color and scent. Use the outdoor patio space as an extension of your home for outdoor dining and entertaining friends and family.


Contrast and cover your patio with a vibrant grapevine plant. Grapevines are ideal at framing the space and covering a patio ceiling or trellis. These vines are also speedy growers and do well climbing up and over walls surrounding a patio. To secure the vines, add ties around the tendrils to hang over a hook or small nail tapped into wall. In no time the bright green leaves will shoot up towards the sky for a stunning patio cover. During the fruit season, the succulent grapes dangle beneath the foliage for a picturesque patio.


Take your patio to a new level with the cascading purple blooms of the wisteria plant. This fast climber loves patio arches and will cover the space in a short period of time. Plant a wisteria vine in a container or in the soil to shoot up over the patio. The fragrant bloom permeates the patio while providing a cozy and shaded retreat to enjoy. Wisteria also loves to cover neighboring trees and buses so be sure to plant the vine away from trees. This allows them to crawl and grow around the patio for an elegant cover.


A relative of the beautiful morning glory, moonflowers are gorgeous climbing plants that look lovely around an outdoor patio. The moonflower bears 5-inch wide blooms that begin its show at dusk, swirling open to create s dramatic design. Moonflowers love creeping over outdoor structures and are great at producing thick and dense layers of foliage in a single growing season. They look especially gorgeous framing a patio door and hugging the patio walls.

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