How to Encourage Gerbera Daisies to Bloom


Gerbera daisies are a beautiful annual known for large, brilliant blooms. You can plant these flowers in pots or in a flower bed, usually with good results as long as the location offers several hours of sunlight a day and the soil has sufficient drainage. Once these daisies start blooming, they can bloom several times throughout the growing season (spring and summer). Sometimes flowering plants will seem a little delayed in blooming. Several things can cause this--some you can easily remedy.

Step 1

Move the daisies to a sunnier, warmer location (if they are in pots and easy to relocate). Gerbera daisies love a lot of light. According to, moving them to a warmer, sunnier area may encourage them to start blooming. Remove other foliage surrounding the flowers in a flower bed if it is blocking sunlight.

Step 2

Keep the soil around the daisies moist. Too little water may discourage plant growth and may especially stunt blossom formation. Remember, too, to keep the soil well-drained. Don't let the plants sit in water. Poor drainage may also discourage good blooms, according to Add peat moss to heavy clay soils, for example.

Step 3

Remove wilted leaves and other dead foliage that may be robbing the plant of vitality. If the plant has already bloomed and you wish for more blooms, remove old blooms (this is called deadheading) as doing so can encourage new blooms.

Step 4

Fertilize gerbera daisies with a water-soluble, flowering plant fertilizer. suggests fertilizing gerbera daisies every other week. Use a fertilizer specifically for flowers as this has nutrients necessary for good blooms.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer for flowering plants


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