Gifts Featuring White Spider Lilies

Spider lilies are very distinct-looking plants that can make for a stunning gift when featured on any number of items. The spider lily is a summer bulb with white flowers and lush green leaves. This plant is also called ismene, but it's thin, spidery blossoms have given it the nickname of spider lily. Whether your recipient is a gardening enthusiast or simply enjoys the beauty of nature's many varied creations, a gift featuring a spider lily is sure to delight her.

Silk Flowers

Fans of the spider lily's delicate elegance can enjoy this flower year round with a few sprays of silk spider lilies. Combine these wispy white blossoms with roses for a romantic bouquet, or work them in with calla lilies and day lilies for an exotic and tropical look. With silk flowers, you can combine any selection of flowers regardless of their growing needs or seasonal availability. When giving these silk flowers as a gift, arrange them attractively in a colorful vase and anchor the stems in floral clay or foam. You can find silk flowers in most craft stores or online at sites such as

Printed T-Shirts

Engaging prints of white spider lilies can be found gracing the front of tee shirts and other apparel. At you can select from t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts in adult, ladies, youth, toddler and infant sizes. Each piece has a stunning print of white spider lilies against a deep green background. You can customize your shirt by selecting the shirt color as well as the edging effect used on the photo. You can even add customized text above or below the picture.


The thin drooping petals of the spider lily, which gave it its appropriate moniker, make for a very distinct art subject. Many photographers have recognized this, and professional prints of spider lilies can be found at sites such as and Photographers Darrell Gulin and Michele Lamontagne have taken some especially captivating shots of spider lilies that can be found at these sites. Set in a black or silver frame, one of these pieces of artwork would make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys incorporating the beauty of nature into their home decor.

Greeting Cards

A greeting card featuring a white spider lily blossom could accompany a gift, or a set of these could serve as a gift itself. features several photographs of these flowers that can be featured on greeting cards. You can also take your own shots, if you have spider lilies blooming in your garden, and upload them to a website such as, which also has greeting card options. You can choose from folded cards, postcards and stationary cards. A friend who regularly sends notes to their acquaintances is the ideal recipient for this gift as she will appreciate having a customized piece of stationary to share with others.

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