Flowers That Bloom in Shade

Growing flowers in the shade may be a bit more difficult than growing them in a sunny garden, but do not let the shade scare you away. Many delightful flowers thrive in shady areas and add depth and dimension to those dark corners where you thought nothing would grow. Whether your area receives early morning light and is shaded for the rest of the day or receives dappled light through the canopy of mature trees, there are many flowers to choose from to brighten your yard.


Although many associate brightly colored coleus with the afternoon sun, many varieties thrive in shaded locations where they develop rich-colored foliage that rivals the blooms of their sun-loving cousins. When grown to maturity, coleus sends out indistinct blooms that often pale in comparison to their foliage, but they should not be overlooked when gardening in shady areas. These easy to grow annuals create a tapestry of color and texture that enhances any yard. Try "burgundy sun," "eclipse" or "plum parfait" to add brilliant color to that shaded nook.


Delightful impatiens bloom profusely from early summer until frost. These tender annuals require little care and create mounds of brightly colored blooms. Available in a wide range of colors in shades of pink, white, red and orange, these tiny plants display show-stopping color when planted in masses. Consider impatiens under trees or along fences to create a dense mass of color.

Wax Begonia

Wax begonia produces clusters of brightly colored blooms on waxy green foliage. These annuals bloom from summer until fall, creating a dense carpet of color. Foliage ranges from deep green to shades of rust. Colors range from white to shades of pink and red. Plant begonias in containers, hanging baskets or as borders to your flowerbed.


Exotic looking fuchsia adds a flash of color to hanging baskets or trailing from containers. These showy flowers attract hummingbirds to add movement and life to shade gardens. Available in either single color or dramatic two-toned colors, these flowers resemble bells as they float over the edge of containers.


Astilbe creates a magical appearance to your garden, as its blooms resemble delicate mist hovering above the foliage. Available in shades of white, pink and red, these perennials thrive in USDA hardiness zones 4 through 8. For delicate color in late spring and early summer, plant astilbe amid other later blooming flowers.

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