How to Prepare the Soil for Grass Seeds


When you go to the effort and expense of sowing new grass from seed, you must also properly prepare the soil. If you do not take steps to remove debris from the soil and ensure that it is level, the grass seeds you plant may not sprout or thrive. With proper preparation, you can expect the newly sown grass seed to germinate and grow into a lush, thick carpet of green.

Step 1

Cultivate the top 3 inches of topsoil with a rototiller or the garden spade. This will help the grass seeds germinate and take root in the loose soil.

Step 2

Rake the topsoil. As you rake, look for rocks and sticks in the soil. Remove this debris and discard it in the garbage can. Work until you have raked the entire area, removing every piece of debris you find.

Step 3

Break up any clumps of soil you find as you rake. Do not leave any clumps in the soil larger than 2 inches in diameter. Soil clumps smaller than this are fine to leave in the soil.

Step 4

Level the soil so water does not collect in low areas. Fill in low areas and level off higher areas so the entire planting area is level.

Step 5

Rake a final time to finish preparing the soil for the grass seed.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not apply any weed control chemicals before planting grass seeds. These chemicals will damage the grass seeds and prevent them from growing properly.

Things You'll Need

  • Rototiller or garden spade
  • Rake
  • Garbage can


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