Most Popular Hybrid Tea Roses

Of all the roses, hybrid teas produce the largest, most beautiful and fragrant blooms. For this reason, they are the most popular types of roses in the world. Each bloom develops on one long, slender stem. These rose bushes can grow as large as six feet tall, and the flowers can be as wide as five inches across. Hybrid tea roses are commonly sold by florists.

Mr. Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln is a classic, highly popular deep red hybrid tea rose. This rose has a very strong fragrance and rich, velvety petals. Mr. Lincoln rose bushes can grow up to five feet tall and two feet wide, in almost any climate.

Rosa 'Peace'

The Peace hybrid tea rose is a multi-colored, beautiful flower that is one of the most commonly planted hybrid tea roses in the world. This very hardy rose features yellow buds that open to large, lemony blooms that are outlined in light pink. The flowers are stunning against the dark green, glossy leaves.


Although this classic hybrid tea rose (developed in 1963) can be affected by mildew, it remains popular for its strong fragrance and distinctive, coral-colored (some say orange) double blooms. The color of the flowers glows against the dark foliage.

Pink Promise

This award-winning rose features strong canes boasting large flowers that are a blend of pink and cream. The true pink color of the flowers and fruity fragrance make this hybrid tea rose especially popular with gardeners who want a traditional pink rose bush.

Home and Family

The Home and Family hybrid tea rose is an elegant, ruffled white rose. The flowers have a scent reminiscent of licorice and are set off nicely by the dark green foliage. Each bloom is on one long stem, making them perfect for cut flower arrangements.

Just Joey

Just Joey is a short hybrid tea compared to many others, but it is popular for its very strong fragrance and huge blooms, which can be as large as seven inches in diameter. The flowers are apricot in color and can last for weeks. The leaves of the plant are tinted bronze.

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