What is the Best Vegetable Seed for a Southern At-Home Gardener?

Gardening in the southern United States isn't difficult thanks to the humus-rich soil, humid environment and long growing seasons, and a home gardener can produce an impressive harvest if advantage is taken of the growing conditions. Growing a vegetable garden at home can be a cost effective way of feeding your family, and living in the South leaves plenty of wonderful seeds available to even the novice gardener.


Broccoli thrives in moist, well drained soil and the seeds sprout within a week of being sewn into the ground. Varieties of broccoli seed like Green Mountain, Spartan Early and Calabrese grow well in the southern United States, and in parts of Florida it can grow all year round. The seeds are small, round and range in color from black to grey-brown, resembling bird-shot. They are sewn easily by scattering over the desired part of your garden.


Both red and green varieties of cabbage grow well in southern gardens, and much like broccoli, can be grown all year round in the southernmost states of the US. The seeds are very much like broccoli seeds in appearance and can be sewn by scattering them over the ground. Watering the newly sown seeds will submerge them into the soil, as with any seed that is sown by scattering.


Carrots grow underneath the ground's surface like many bulb plants like onions, radishes and beets but they are not bulb plants. Carrot seeds are tiny, black and are slightly ovular in shape. They resemble crushed black pepper, and are sown by using the scatter method.


Eggplant grows well in many climates, but when grown in the southern US, the plant can produce its fruit throughout the year. The seeds of the eggplant are flat, white in color and tear-shaped. Sow directly into the ground by pushing the seed about 1/4 inch into the garden soil. Cover the seed lightly and water every four days. The seeds of an eggplant ordinarily sprout within seven days of germination.

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