Landscaping Design Ideas

Enjoy spending time in a relaxing outdoor landscape filled with vibrant blooms and variegated plants. Enhance the landscape by adding cozy niches to use for outdoor living. Add a flowing waterfall feature to the backyard to enjoy the serene sounds of falling water. Sit still and watch the song birds and butterflies splash through the water and enjoy the nectar from your favorite flower blooms.

Fragrant Landscape

Fill your landscape with sweet smelling herbs for a bright green landscape design. Add large perennial herbs like rosemary and dill to the beds for height and fullness to the design. Use medium-sized herbs like basil and cilantro to help fill in the fragrant garden. Low growing herbs like marjoram, sage, chives and oregano look lovely tucked into the corner of the landscape, as well as along the fronts the herb bed to creep around the landscape. Don't forget to pinch back old growth to make room for fresh new shoots.

Shaded Garden

Beat the heat in the confines of your shady retreat. Add a large shade tree as an outdoor umbrella to keep your space cool while adding dramatic height to the landscape. Mimosa trees and Japanese maples are perfect for cooling down the landscape with their cascading branches and billowing blooms. Add a row of flowering pear trees around an outdoor patio or leading up the driveway for maximum shade and fragrant white blooms.

Colorful Bushes

Bring in bright bursts of color by planting perennial bushes. With their ability to come back stronger and fuller, perennials are an ideal way to create a long-lasting garden. Butterfly bushes are hardy and strong bushes that create draping blooms in yellows and purple. Their ability to withstand drought and vigorous growth make them a perfect bush to plant in your landscape. Another lovely perennial bush is the forsythia. Their vibrant yellow branches begin their emergence in spring and light up the landscape.

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