True Rose Oil Uses

A rose has many meanings and uses, and true rose oil is one of the most beneficial parts of the flower. It can be extracted from the petals and reserved in jars for future use. The oil has been used for centuries for medicinal, therapeutic and skin care purposes. It can help relieve stress, depression, clear the skin and encourage relaxation. Rose oil can be purchased in health food and skin care stores.


Therapeutic and sensual massage uses oils for many reasons, usually as a moisturizing, lubricating way to rub the body, as well as to release the properties the oil possesses. These include the aromatherapy ability to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Mix pure rose oil with a carrier oil, like almond oil. This will help dilute the potent true rose oil. Combine 1 oz. of the almond oil with about 15 drops of the rose oil in a bottle and shake it well.

Stress Reliever and Antidepressant

Rose oil has a powerful aroma that is proven to relieve stress, improve joy and spiritualism, and lift emotional moods. Drop about four drops of the true rose oil into baths, candles or by using it as massage oil. You can purchase these products to place around your household to help calm you down after a hard day.

Skin Care

Rose oil has the ability to improve almost all skin types, which is rare. Whether you have normal, oily or dry skin, rose oil can help soften the skin and keep it firm and clear of acne. Many skin products on the market today possess rose oil, from cleansers to lotions. Look for the ones with high concentration in stores, or go to a holistic skin care store to custom make your own. You can also keep your skin healthy by opening up your pores with rose oil steam. Each week, fill a sink about half full with hot steaming water, and drop eight to 10 drops of the rose oil in. Soak a clean cloth in the sink, then carefully lay it over your face for about three minutes.

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