Grass Types for Home Lawns

Planting your own lawn grass at home can be a rewarding and inexpensive way to create a lush, green, stable landscape. There are several types of grass seed to choose from for a home, and the one you choose all depends on the region you live in, the stress put on the lawn and the amount of work you can put into it. Choosing the types of grass that work best for your home lawn will ensure you have a healthy, low-maintenance lawn year round.

Drought Resistant and Low Maintenance Grasses

Drought-resistant grasses for home lawns are ideal for regions where the weather is very dry and hot. This means they need less water and pampering, and can be in full sun without a problem. These type of grasses include Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass and Zoysia. Low maintenance grass includes tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and centipede grass. Being low maintenance, it means the grass needs less water, mowing and pampering.

Seasonal Grasses

Do you live in a region where you have distinct seasonal weather? Seasonal grasses are for home lawns like this. For southern regions, choose warm weather grass seed. Varieties such as Zoysia, centipede and Bermuda work well, but they will turn brownish gray in winter months after being lush and green all throughout the warmer seasons. Use winter weather seeds mixed with warm weather grass to overseed lawns for colder temperatures. This includes grass seeds such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial rye and fine fescue.

Hardy Grasses

Lawns that have a lot of foot or sport traffic or undergo a lot of stress will do best when seeded with hardy grass seed. For families with active children always on the lawn, this type is ideal. Tall fescue and Zoysia are included in this variety.

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