Most Beautiful Flowers List

Flowers are known for their blossoms. They provide a striking bit of color and a reminder of beauty in the world. Throughout time, many different flowers have been touted as the "most beautiful." Writers and artists alike have proclaimed the joy of various flowers. The proclamation of beauty is expressed just as often for the things and ideas that the flowers represent as it is for the blossoms. Ultimately, however, it is up to the individual to decide which flower he thinks is the most beautiful.


Even from the time of Shakespeare, the reputation of the rose preceded it. The rose comes in many shapes, sizes and colors, making it easy for just about anyone to have a favorite rose. The abundance of these flowers, the ascribed symbolism behind nearly every color and cultural significance of the rose easily wins this flower a spot as one of the most beautiful flowers. The taxonomic genus of the rose is Rosa, within which are contained all the varieties of this popular flower. The rose is the national symbol of England.

Cherry Blossom

As outlined in the book "Japan--between Myth and Reality", the blossoms of the Japanese flowering cherry tree are a reminder that some of the most breathtaking things in life are fleeting. This sentiment is mirrored by the fact that most Japanese cherries bloom for only a short period in spring. During this time, bright pink and white flowers come forth in abundance. Trees with particularly stunning blossoms include Prunus sargentii, Prunus --- yedoensis and Prunus serrulata. The Japanese Cherry blossom is the unofficial tree of Japan, and is revered around the world with special "blossom viewing" ceremonies every year.

Black Eyed Susan

The Black-eyed Susan flower, Rudbeckia hirta, is a stunning reminder of the small pleasures in life. Often overlooked as a common wildflower, the blossoms of this plant are striking. Gold petals contrast with a dark brown center, allowing these flowers to both stand out and fade into the background. Black-eyed Susans are easy to grow, preferring full sun and nearly any type of soil. This flower is regarded as the state flower of Maryland for it's hardiness and representation of perseverance.

Calla Lily

Traditionally, the stark white blooms of the calla lily are regarded as a symbol of death and dying. Known scientifically as Zantedeschia aethiopica, this sparse and beautiful flower is incredibly toxic, producing a burning and choking sensation when ingested. In conditions similar to their native southern Africa, the blooms of this plant can grow as large as 10 inches. It isn't just the blooms that are remarkable, however. The leaves of this plant are a dark, lush green, providing an even further visual contrast to the pale flower.

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