Simple Backyard Garden Ideas

Backyard retreats shouldn't be complicated. In fact, the more unfussy and low-maintenance, the better. Create your own garden getaway using simple items, like a set of outdoor chairs. Use rich, lush plants around the space to add a color and texture. Add a creeping vine to a garden wall or fence for bursts of blooms during the growing season. Remember to keep it simple so your back yard becomes a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Gravel Path

Simple paths made from gravel are an easy way to update the backyard space. They are also low-maintenance and can be refreshed with a new layer of gravel when the path begins to look messy or worn. To create a simple path, clear out a space in the back yard. Lay down 3 to 4 inches of gravel and smooth down the surface with a leveling rake. Gravel comes in different shades to match the surrounding landscape and is soft under foot. Gravel also does a nice job at contrasting with colorful plants and flowers to define the space.


Add a row of evergreen hedges like boxwood or juniper for green color in your back yard all year round. Hedges help to anchor the space and define a lawn or flower garden. Hedges also help to provide a transition from one area of the back yard to another. Use the hedges to create a row in between a path or along a garden slope. Nestle them along a backyard patio or deck for added foliage and color. Evergreens are low maintenance but add such great visual interest and accent to a space that you can't go wrong planting them in your back yard.

Low Maintenance

Plant easy and drought-resistant flowers in the back yard for a fuss-free and simple splash of color. Cover an area with a butterfly bush or drought-tolerant black-eyed Susans. Add succulents to creep around the space but without the hassle of daily watering. Let the plants create their own shape and fill in the space over time. Ornamental grasses, like fountain grass, can withstand high temperatures and little water, yet create an elegant look to the backyard space. Plant two or three of these hardy grasses along a rock wall or in the back of the garden for height.

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