Indoor Flower Gifts

Flowers are a classic gift for holidays and special occasions. Even if the recipient lacks a green thumb, enjoyment can still be derived from the colorful flowers, as they normally require little care. Some indoor flower gifts don't need to be discarded after the last blossom fades, but can be encouraged to bloom again the next season.


The red poinsettia plant is commonly given as a gift during the winter holiday season. Its "flowers" aren't really flowers, but bracts, and the actual small flowers of the plant are tucked in amongst the bracts. After the flowers (or bracts) fade, recipients of the poinsettia often discard the plant. But, if the poinsettia is repotted, it can be forced to bloom again the following season. In order to bloom, the plant needs both light and darkness, with approximately 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness each 24-hour period, from late September through October.


The most royal of flowers to gift is the rose. It can be delivered as a single flower, a bouquet, in a vase or arrangement. Before choosing your roses, consider the message you are attempting to convey. Sending a dozen long stemmed red roses traditionally means "I love you" in a romantic sense. Yellow roses can represent friendship and pink roses would be an appropriate gift for the mother of a newborn baby girl. White roses symbolize purity and reverence, and are often associated with weddings or given in remembrance.

Amaryllis Bulb

Giving an amaryllis bulb is actually giving the promise of a flower. The recipient will enjoy watching the flower of the bulb unfold. The bulbs grow fairly quickly, so the recipient won't have long to wait. This type of amaryllis is actually a Hippeastrum, and not a true amaryllis. The belladonna lily is a true amaryllis, belonging to the genus Amaryllis. Yet, most people think of the Hippeastrum when discussing the amaryllis. After the blossom fades, the bulbs can be planted in the garden or kept indoors for another bloom.

African Violet

The African violet makes for a lovely and delicate indoor flower gift, yet is not suited for someone who doesn't enjoy working with plants. Unlike a bouquet or flower arrangement that is expected to wilt and be discarded, the African violet is a small potted flowering plant. The African violet will bloom year-round and is often planted in a special pot, where the soil pot sits in a second container filled with water. Its leaves are fuzzy and the blossoms small and delicate. While most flowers are violet in color, there are varieties with flowers in red, pink, white or blue.

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