How to Landscape With Native Plants in Pennsylvania


Gardening with native plants can alleviate a lot of the work that comes along with gardening. Native plants usually need less water and less sun than their exotic counterparts. They also tend to choke out unwanted weeds and attract native wildlife. Pennsylvania is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country and consists of two planting zones, Zone 5 in the northern part of the state and Zone 6 in the southern part of the state. Pennsylvania has moderate spring and fall temperatures, warm summers and freezing winters.

Landscaping with Native Plants in Pennsylvania

Step 1

Identify your potential planting space. Pay particular attention to how much sun or shade your space receives, because this will help you choose your plants.

Step 2

Consult a book, an expert or an Internet resource. To find out which plants are native to Pennsylvania, check out books from your your library. Also, you can talk to a local gardener or nursery worker to find out which plants are the best choices for your space. You could also use the lists provided below to help identify plants.

Step 3

Buy seeds or plants. Head out to the garden center to buy seeds or plants. Never take plants or flowers from the wild.

Step 4

Follow the planting directions of each plant. It's important to note how deep to dig holes when transplanting seedlings or plants. If you start with seeds, consult the package to find out when the proper planting time is and how much water and sun the seeds need to grow. Also, be sure to give the plants and seeds enough water to help them get established in the ground, based on the recommendations on the plant label or seed packet.

Step 5

Enjoy your new native garden. You will notice that once it is established, it will often adapt to the conditions in your chosen planting space and need little watering.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening space
  • Soil
  • Native plants
  • Water


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