How to Make a Flower Arrangement for a Monument


Flowers arrangements are most often gifted to those we love, are proud of, or are mourning. Bouquets of flowers need to be arranged strategically to look their best, and when provided for certain monuments or graves, may even have a significant meaning. It is important to keep the type of person or group in mind when deciding the size, variety and appearance of flowers for a monument. There are some key tips to keep in mind when arranging flowers for a monument.

Step 1

Consider the group or person the monument is for when creating the flower arrangement. For energetic and adventurous people, use bright flowers like roses, lilies, birds of paradise, snapdragons, etc. For more serious people, use classic flowers like pale-colored roses, white lilacs, lavender, or aromatic herbs like rosemary.

Step 2

Pick a primary flower color and scheme for the bouquet. This can be as simple as using two colors that complement each other, such as red and purple or yellow and white. Or you can choose several colors to make a large, colorful arrangement. Deciding on primary colors will help make the arrangement look organized and balanced.

Step 3

Trim the flowers' stems according to the height of the vase or bouquet you are going to place the flowers in. The height should be no taller then about 2/3 the height of the arrangement holder (such as the vase or wrapping paper). Cut the stems at an angle to allow more water absorption.

Step 4

Remove any leaves off stems below the water line (if in a vase). Use the scissors.

Step 5

Add your feature flowers that you chose, whether it is significant flowers (for example, red poppy flowers are common for war veterans) or just colorful flowers to show respect or love. Common feature flowers include roses, daisies, lilies and irises.

Step 6

Arrange the flowers so they fit together but not too tightly. Balance the spacing, amount and depth of the flowers in the arrangement.

Step 7

Add light greenery or small flowers around and in between the feature flowers to balance it out even more and fill in spaces. Common accent greenery and flowers include rosemary, ivy, baby's breath, ornamental grasses, bamboo, etc.

Step 8

Wrap the arrangement in cellophane or tissue paper if desired.

Step 9

Secure the arrangement together with florist's wire or twine tightly. The shape of the arrangement is up to you. You can do a round, standard bouquet, or else a spilling-over arrangement with blooms and greenery falling to the sides. When the arrangement is to your satisfaction, complete look the look by winding ribbon around the stems and securing it with a couple of pins.

Step 10

Secure a metal or wooden stake to the bottom of the arrangement with wire so you can insert the stake into the ground and the arrangement will stand upright.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber-handled scissors
  • Florist's knife
  • Twine
  • Florist's wire
  • Cellophane or tissue paper
  • Metal or wooden stake
  • Vase (if desired)


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