Landscaped Backyard Ideas

Transform your backyard space into your own private retreat. Use the landscape to create inviting paths and sweeping gardens for your outdoor haven, or plant an edible garden. Allow flowers and plants around the landscape to form their own brilliant design. Add a couple of outdoor chairs and you're ready to kick back and relax.

Colorful Pond

Create a pond in the confines of your backyard space. Use the natural curve of the land to create the shape and utilize the space efficiently. Backyard ponds are a way to landscape with aquatic plants like water lilies and lotus flowers. Add these lush plants to float around the top of the pond. Use low-water plants like coneflowers and daisies to fringe the pond and add bright bursts of color. Plant low maintenance perennial herbs like lavender to add fragrance near the pond. Use mat-forming perennials like blue star creeper and phlox to creep around the edge of the landscape and for splashes of color.

Edible Garden

Landscape your backyard with edibles. Get a vegetable crop going in and enjoy fresh vegetables most of the year. Rotate the crops out depending upon the season to ensure fresh salads in the winter. You don't need a lot of space to create a vegetable patch in your backyard--simply clear away a small space for growing vegetables like greens. Swiss chard, mustard greens and curly kale are ideal cool season leafy greens that don't need a lot of space but will fill your basket daily. Add in green onion and arugula for bright bursts of green to the landscape and to your dinner plate.

Hedge Wall

Landscape a side of the backyard with tall hedges like cedar and laurel. These commanding hedges add privacy to the backyard to create a green "wall" around the landscape. Use the hedge as the focal point in your backyard and as a backdrop to your landscape. Within this defined space, create a private patio for outdoor living and dining. Along the hedge row add colorful containers filled with your favorite blooms. Change out the containers each season for a fresh new design to contrast with the brilliant green hedges.

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