Names of Purple Roses

The holy grail of rose developers has long been the blue rose. While purple roses are not quite the same thing, they are getting closer to the desired shades every day. For fans of purple flowers, there are some spectacular specimens that have been developed in the past few years. From lavender to grape, there are enough purple rose varieties to fill an entire garden.

Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide is a floribunda rose covered in very deep purple flowers that open to over three inches wide. They have an intense clove scent. The plants grow to an average height of four feet, and were developed in 2006.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is a shrub rose with dark, blackish-purple blooms set on yellow stamens and bright green leaves. The shrub is rounded and fits nicely into smaller spaces. The scent is very strong and spicy, reminding one of cloves.

Enchanted Evening

The Enchanted Evening rose is a lighter lavender color, and goes well in bouquets with darker purple roses. This is a floribunda rose that has a darker center with silvery edges. The scent is citrus-like.

Burgundy Iceberg

The Burgundy Iceberg rose is a floribunda with true double flowers. The blooms have a pink underside with a deep purple center. The scent is reminiscent of honey. This variant is a native of Australia, and should be trouble-free in zones 5-9.

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