Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Just because your real estate is limited in the front yard doesn't mean the space can't look fabulous. Approach the design of your small garden as you would a large space. Only bring in plants and materials you love and use. If you enjoy sitting outdoors, create a cozy nook inside the space. For those who love to garden, plant long-lasting blooms throughout.

Stone Patio

Use the front yard as an extended area of your home. Small yards are still large enough to create small stone patios for outdoor living. Clear out a space of weeds and debris, at least large enough for a set of outdoor chairs. Lay down stones such as slate and other flat pavers--these help to create a flat and cool surface for outdoor living and dining. Stone patios look beautiful tucked within a front flowerbed or perennial garden. They also cut back on the amount of yard work like mowing and weeding, giving you more time relaxing in your outdoor landscape.

Colorful Containers

Soil space is limited in small landscapes, but that can be remedied by adding containers full of bursting blooms and green foliage. Containers are a low-maintenance landscape idea to amp up the small front yard space with color. They're easy to change up depending upon the season and what's in bloom. They liven up a front walkway or patio and are a way to bring life to your small front yard. Containers are also every gardener's dream, because you can manipulate the soil type and position the plants for maximum growth.

Permanent Perennials

Plant perennial and evergreen flowers for green foliage year-round and blooms that sprout up each year. Add one larger plant like a dwarf Japanese maple to the corner of the space to help draw your eye into the small garden and create a focal point. Use other green-hued blooms to create balance. Bring in scented perennials like lavender and rosemary for a fragrant front yard. Add a trickling fountain and your landscape is complete.

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