Backyard Stone Ideas

Stones throughout your backyard space are a visually appealing and welcoming addition to the landscape. There are many types of stones to use to create outdoor areas like stone-covered courtyards, stone benches, or outdoor patios. Have fun experimenting with rocks to create your own backyard design.

Backyard Path

Create a stone pathway to lead you to and from backyard spaces like an outdoor patio or backyard pergola. Stones like flagstone and slate create sturdy and long-lasting paths. Installed along the natural curves of a backyard, they create a functional focal point to your backyard. To build a stone path, clear the area of debris and weeds. Lay down the stones at least 2 to 3 feet wide, wide enough for a walking path and garden equipment like wheelbarrows. In between the stones, add creeping ground cover like thyme or moss to add contrast to the natural colored stones and add bright bursts of green to the design.

Stone Stairs

Build outdoor stairs to create a sweeping effect to the backyard and one that leads you to other areas of the garden. Stone stairs are ideal for sloped yards and backyard inclines, where the shape of the land beckons for a cascading stairway. A simple way to create the stairs is by dry stacking them together to form a mortarless path, which requires less maintenance over time. Along the stairs, add containers filled with colorful flowers like geraniums and zinnia.

Garden Wall

Stone walls are a way to enclose a backyard space while defining areas like flower beds. Add stone walls around vegetable gardens to prevent animals from munching your produce. Stone walls are also the ideal backdrop for growing creeping vines like roses and wisteria. They provide the ultimate surface for the crawling tendrils and overtime burst with flowering blooms. To create a stone wall, use rocks like slate, limestone and flagstone. These stones are ideal stacking stones because of their flat surface. Stone walls can also double as an outdoor bench or resting spot while gardening.

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