Flower Beds Ideas

Flower gardens represent a blank canvas for the gardener to create a beautiful environment in the home landscape. Each flower bed reflects the individual needs and preferences of the gardener. Flower beds can serve a function such as a butterfly garden to encourage both birds and insects to feast on your flowers. In contrast, a water garden with accompanying flower beds creates a backyard oasis. Flower bed ideas are only limited by the imagination of the gardener.


Annuals provide a punch of color in the landscape with instant blooms and immediate gratification. Flower bed ideas for annuals are only limited by the gardener's imagination. Choosing to fill a round garden with annual flowers creates a stunning display in front of a home. Plant annual in groups of three plants to create splashes of color in a perennial garden. Annuals enhance the garden by adding a backdrop of continual color through the growing season. Annuals should never be planted as individual plants since they appear spindly while standing alone. Pair up plants, mix colors or choose a uniform color scheme for your flower bed.


Perennial gardens require less yearly maintenance than the average annual flower garden. Perennials return each year, serving as a reliable plant blooming on a regular schedule. The best perennial flower gardens contain plants that bloom in succession throughout the growing season. Just as one plant finishes, another begins the blooming cycle with different flowers and dramatic foliage. Perennial flower beds often attract abundant wildlife in the form of bees, butterflies and birds to make this type of flower garden a wonderful addition to the home landscape.

Formal Flower Beds

Organized placement of plants that create a balance between left and right define a formal flower bed. Like a mirror image, each side of the formal garden uniformly reflects the other. Formal flower beds work well with manicured lawns. Choosing to create a formal garden bed is a gardener's preference. Some gardeners prefer a simple color scheme and design in the landscape with equal placement of flowers and bloom color.

Informal Beds

A more common type of flower bed emerges as the mainstay in many home landscapes. Informal gardens might have some symmetry but tend to revolve around the preference of the gardener. Informal flower beds mix shrubs, perennials and annuals to create an eye-pleasing display of continual color. This type of garden contains softly curved lines instead of the sharp angles of a rectangular or square garden.

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