Flowers to Go With Calla Lillies

Calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) are native to the marshes and bogs in South Africa. These lilies enjoy moist areas in your garden. Callas typically grow 4 feet tall and produce trumpet-shaped flowers in white, maroon, green and yellow. More compact types are 24 to 36 inches tall. They require full sun and lots of water. Adding peat moss to the soil will help retain moisture around their roots. Flowers that go with calla lilies need to tolerate lots of moisture.


The iris is a hardy, long-living perennial that grows 8 to 38 inches from a rhizome. The rhizome is an underground root structure that stores food produced by the iris leaves and used for flower production. Flowers have six petals. Three petals are upright and three petals hang down. Blooms are blue, pink, purple, red, white, yellow and bi-colored in the spring. Some types of iris bloom again in the summer and fall.


Bacopas reach 3 to 6 inches tall when mature. This flower produces tiny blossoms that are lavender, pink, red and white starting in June and lasting through October. This tender annual is a low-growing, spreading plant with small leaves. Dry growing conditions will interrupt its production of blossoms.

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea impatiens is an annual that produce brilliant patterned foliage in variegated red or yellow. These large leaves grow 8 to 24 inches in height. There are three basic types of varieties: upright, rounded and low-growing. Impatiens blossoms come in shades of lavender, purple, pink, red, orange and white. These flowers do not like to dry out.

Gerbera Daises

Gerbera daisies are perennial daisies that produce blooms that are yellow, pink, peach and red on 12- to 18-inch stems. These flowers sprout from mounds that are 12 inches wide from early summer to the first fall frost. Gerberas are grown as a perennial in warm climates but as annuals in cooler areas. They are commonly planted as bedding plants.

Mona Lavender

Mona lavender, or plectranthus, have dark-green leaves with purple undersides. This perennial shrub grows 18 to 24 inches tall. It tends to stay more compact when planted in full sun. In early spring, it produces dark lavender flower spikes. It continues to bloom until the first fall frost.

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