Names of Hardy Hibiscus Plants

Hardy hibiscus plants are different from tropical hibiscus plants, which are only grown in frost-free climates or indoors. The hardy variety of the hibiscus can be grown in most parts of the United States save those very cold areas where the high temperature is consistently below freezing during the winter. There are many different types of hardy hibiscus plants, which vary in size and color.


The Aquarian variety of hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus x moscheutos) can grow up to four feet tall. The leaves have delicate red veins running through them, which attractively set off the huge, pink flowers that can measure as large as a foot across.

Crown Jewels

This hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus x moscheutos) is perfect for containers, as it is quite small. The tallest it will grow is only around two feet. The leaves are dark green and similar in shape to maple leaves. The white flowers of the hibiscus, which average eight inches across in size, are often streaked with red and glow brightly against the plant's dark foliage.

Robert Fleming

The Robert Fleming variety (Hibiscus x moscheutos) is desired for its deep red flowers, the color of which is very unusual on non-tropical hibiscus plants. This hibiscus plant can grow up to three feet tall and is often grown in containers.

Kopper King

The Kopper King (Hibiscus x moscheutos) is usually grown as a shrub. It can reach up to four feet in height and features white flowers with bright pink centers that can be as large as 12 inches in diameter. The leaves of this plant are an unusual copper color and are finely cut.


Fantasia (Hibiscus x moscheutos) hardy hibiscus plants are desired for their feminine flowers, which are lavender in color and have graceful ruffled edges. This variety is compact, reaching only three feet tall with flowers that are nine inches across.


The pink flowers on the Dreamcatcher (Hibiscus x moscheutos) hardy hibiscus have a unique texture that some say resembles a quilting pattern. This plant grows up to four feet tall.

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