Annual Flowers in a Planter Ideas

Add instant beauty to a lonely front porch or garden walkway with colorful planters filled with annual flowers. These seasonal bloomers dress up the outdoor landscape and add beauty to any space. Planters also come in many sizes and shapes to use around the garden for an updated look. So, be creative and get to planting your annual flowers.

Colorful Mix

For a bright and cheerful planter, fill the planter with colorful annual blooms like cosmos and pansies. Their blooms create bold splashes of color throughout the planter and surrounding landscape. Another colorful annual is the red hibiscus. This summer bloomer loves full sun and creates large red flower heads with dark green foliage. This stunning annual also looks lovely planted alone to flank a front door or backyard pergola entrance.

Tall Mix

Add tall annual flowers to the planter for a show stopping design. Use large snapdragons blooms for the back of the planter to create height. Add tall zinnia's to the planter to help create a focal point to the landscape. Another tall annual flower is the spider flower. With a height over 24 inches, this annual has tall seedpods and gorgeous pink blooms that do a great job at filling in planters and adding a commanding presence to the garden.

Green Mix

Add vibrant green annual flowers for an all green planter design. Add an autumn fern to the container for a bit of texture and height. Their splayed leaves help to fill in the planter and look lovely with their cascading foliage. An unusual green annual flower to add is the zinnia envy. Its lime green bloom is stunning inside a planter and contrasts with the darker shades found in the fern. Around the front of the planter add the coleus plant. This low growing annual has vibrant green leaves tinged with colors like red, purple and white.

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