What Causes Maggots in Compost?

Fly Larvae

Maggots are great composters, and it is easy to keep a fresh supply in your compost pile. To do this, you must attract flies, which is simple. All that is needed is smelly organic waste materials such as rotten garbage, animal manure, or discarded food. When these items are placed on top of the compost, the flies will not be far behind. They lay their eggs on the organic waste and these eggs hatch into maggots that are voracious eaters. You will want to locate your bins away from your home so that flies do not become a nuisance.

Maggots Become Flies

Eventually all of the maggots turn into flies and the whole process begins again. To keep attracting the flies so that there is always a healthy supply of maggots in the bin, make sure that there is always something smelly and organic on top of the heap. This can take some doing, considering how fast maggots are capable of processing these types of foods. Maggots and worms can easily work together. The maggots take care of the organic waste materials and the worms process papers, leaves and other yard wastes.

Bury the Organic Wastes in the Winter

In places where there are seasonal changes and the weather turns too cold for flies, there will be no maggots in the bin during the winter months. During these times, it is best to bury the food and manure wastes in the center of the pile where it is warm and the worms can get at it. When spring comes again, simply leave the waste materials on top of the pile and keep adding to it on a regular basis. It will be business as usual with the flies and maggots after a short time. Worms and maggots working together in the bin is not a problem as long as both have enough to eat.

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