Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

When it comes time to landscape a backyard or front yard and you have small children or are planning to have children, homeowners need to realize that kids will be kids. In order to avoid trouble, it's best to plan ahead and choose sturdy and hardy landscape components that will hold up well to children playing, running around, digging and doing, well, what kids do best. Kid-friendly landscape ideas can offer homeowners the beauty in design and function they want, while still being able to stand up to the tramp of little feet.


When considering ideas for landscaping, don't forget that children need a bit of elbow room to play. Consider keeping a portion of the yard merely grass, preferably a sturdy grass like St. Augustine, Kentucky Bluegrass, or Bermuda.

Play Area

Make sure to leave enough room for some kid fun, such as a sandbox, swing set or playhouse where the kids can have their own area of the yard to play in. Leave them enough room in the yard for a "fort" made of cardboard boxes or even a tree house if you have large trees. Create a path from the back door to their play area to avoid them tramping through flowerbeds or stomping through shrubs.

Summer Fun

Consider the summer months when planning backyard or front yard landscaping ideas. Is there room for a play pool? Can the kids run around in the sprinklers, or play a game of Slip 'n Slide on the lawn? Figure that the kids are going to want to get wet, and make sure there's an area in the landscaping design that can accept such play without damage to plants or shrubs.


Consider fencing in the backyard to provide additional safety for small children. If you plan on a pool, pond or water fountain of any size, consider child safety and the risk of accidental drowning if the area is not gated or somehow protected from curious little ones.

Poisonous Plants

Consider flowers and shrubs for landscaping carefully. According to, many plants and flowers may be toxic or poisonous to small children and pets, such as azaleas, oleander, daffodils, holly and iris. Check with your local nursery to verify the safety of any plants before you choose them.

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