Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas

Explore ways to create a fabulous landscape with maximum curb appeal. For front yard retreats, add your favorite blooming plants and flowers. Fill window boxes with draping blooms to create a focal point to large bay windows. Add decorative elements like bright ceramic pots along a front yard walk, or a tricking fountain around the landscape for a stunning garden design.


Cover the front yard space with decorative pavers. Pavers are a way to add curb appeal to your home while ditching the ever-thirsty lawn. Place the pavers leading to and from the front door and sidewalk for an inviting path to the space. Add contrast to the pavers by planting low-maintenance material like mulch. Soft under feet and easy to maintain, mulch helps to define the space with little maintenance. Pebbles also help to fill in the space between the pavers while adding texture around the stones. For splashes of green, plant low-water plants, like succulents and native grasses, around the space, for a fresh and inviting design.


Replace the water-thirsty lawn with lovely and hardy perennial flowers. Perennials come back each year fuller and hardier, and come in a vast range of colors and shapes. Compose a vibrant perennial design by adding one larger perennial, like a banana tree or butterfly bush, along the edge of the yard for maximum curb appeal. This focal point not only adds height to the space, but also helps to define the front yard. Drought-tolerant flowers like coreopsis and ornamental sage help to conserve water and are strong plants to grow in the yard. Coneflowers, with their mound-like appearance, are also native species that can withstand long periods of drought while adding vibrant splash of purple to the landscape.


Add a decorative fence to the yard to define the space and create curb appeal. These decorative elements come in a range of styles. The classic white picket fence is a traditional design and contrasts with the surrounding landscape. A more subtle design ideas is to install a black wrought-iron fence. The dark color blends in with the landscape for a seamless and elegant touch to the yard. Use the fence as a backdrop for growing colorful creeping vines like hydrangea and wisteria. Add an inviting gate to the fence to finish off the space.

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