Ideas for the Backyard

Transform the backyard into an extended area of your home. Allow the space to take shape and become an outdoor living area to enjoy all year round. Use the backyard to grow flowers and vegetables, ideal for fresh-cut bouquets and delicious meals. Create a garden pathway to lead you to and from outdoor spaces like patios and for relaxing evening strolls to admire your garden.

Fire Pit

Nestle a portable fire pit in the backyard to use all year round. These practical portable pits add an inviting touch to the backyard space and are ideal for roasting marshmallows on a cool fall evening. Install a chiminea, a type of fire pit, for backyard patio and decks. The chiminea's characteristic chimney shoots the smoke up and out of the chiminea, making them extremely safe for your backyard. This miniature fireplace is also made from stone such as terracotta, which blends in nicely with the backyard and is a long-lasting and sturdy material. Don't forget to add a set of outdoor chairs around the fire pit for relaxing and cozy spot in your backyard.

Backyard Arbor

Add an arbor to the backyard for the ultimate outdoor dining experience. Nestle the arbor along a garden walkway or adjacent to your flowerbeds for an inviting focal point to the landscape. Add an outdoor dining set under the arbor to use for meals or to serve as a resting spot after a long day. To shade an arbor, add a creeping vine like climbing roses or hydrangea. Plant them at the base of each arbor post to creep up and over the arbor for a vibrant design. During their blooming season, the arbor transforms into a colorful sea of fragrant blooms. Top the arbor off by adding a set of outdoor lights like paper lanterns for a warm and magical glow to the evening.

Perennial Border

Along the edge of the lawn, create your own vibrant perennial border. Create a colorful mix of different heights and textures. Add larger perennials like hydrangea and ornamental grass to the back of the bed for height. Use medium-sized perennials like coneflowers and daisies for color and texture to the space. Low growing perennials like verbena and lantana help to fill in the front of the bed for an elegant finish. Mix in perennial herbs like creeping thyme and sage along the edge of the perennial border to help define the space and for a burst of green color along the perennial border.

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