Backyard Path Ideas

Add an inviting path to your backyard landscape for easy access to areas around your yard. Paths are a timeless addition to the space, and look lovely hugging the natural curves of the land. Wide and sweeping, paths weave in and out of gardens, backyards and through pergolas and arbors with grace and elegance. They are also a way to inspire you to explore the backyard surroundings while keeping your feet dry.

Gravel Path

Clear out a space in your backyard for a gravel path. Gravel paths are an ideal material to use because of their forgiving nature. The multicolored pebbles hide dirt and debris and can be smoothed out for a fresh and updated look. To create a gravel path, clear out the space of weeds and large rocks. Next, lay down the gravel in your favorite color. Gravel comes in different shades, so be creative and find one to contrast with the surrounding plants while defining the space. Around 3 to 4 inches deep is ideal for a gravel path, but experiment with the right amount in your landscape. For an added touch to the path, line the gravel path with perennial flowers like rosemary and hydrangea.

Mulch Path

Another forgiving and low-maintenance material to use for a path is mulch. With the many varieties of mulch, you can experiment with colors and textures to create your own design. A fun and fragrant mulch idea for your path is to use chocolate mulch. Its deep mahogany color and sweet scent makes for a delicious garden path. As you walk down, odors of chocolate fill the air for an unexpected touch to the space. Lighter shades of mulch, like pine, create interesting and low-maintenance garden paths. To freshen up a mulch path, lay a fresh coat over the existing mulch for an updated look.

Stone Path

Flagstone and slate create classic backyard paths. They are simple to install and don't require mortar, making them easy to maintain. Use the existing curves of your backyard to create a free flowing and inviting stone path. Lay the stones as wide as your design; typically 2 to 3 feet is adequate. Allow space in between the stones for added accents like green moss or creeping thyme. These low-growing perennials contrast with the path while adding burst of green color. Along the sides of the path, fill in spots with annual flowers like pansies and geraniums. Add a small set of solar lights along the stone path to light up the night.

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