Garden Sign Sayings

Personalize your garden by adding clever garden signs. These are typically miniature decorative signs, under 1 or 2 feet tall, made of weather-resistant material, such as stone, metal or hard plastic. They can be tucked into garden nooks and corners. Garden sign sayings vary and reflect the personality of the gardener.


Your garden sign might simply identify the owner of the garden. The verbiage is often simple, such as "Mom's Garden," "My Garden," "Grandma's Garden," "Grandpa's Garden" or "Our Garden." These garden sayings are available through a variety of garden-sign resellers. If you want a custom sign, such as "Grandma Clark's Garden," then purchase one that can be engraved or make your own. Instead of identifying the owner of the garden, garden-sign sayings might identify another passion or favorite of the owner, such as a slogan about a favorite baseball team or school.

Crossing & Welcome

If your garden is host to wildlife, add garden signs that are miniature crossing or welcome signs. Crossing-sign verbiage includes "Roadrunner Crossing" or "Quail Crossing." The signs are often embellished with an image of the creature it mentions. If you have a pet, such as a Chihuahua, choose a "Chihuahua Crossing" sign for your garden. Welcome signs include "Hummingbirds Welcome" or "Squirrels Welcome." Welcome or crossing signs don't just apply to wildlife. They might read "Grandchild Crossing" or "Grandchildren Welcome."

Humor & Sentiment

Garden humor is often the inspiration behind a garden sign. "Old Gardener's never die, they just lose their bloomers," "Beware of the Cat," "Beer Garden" or "If they don't have gardens in heaven, then I'm not going" can bring a chuckle to garden visitors. But if it is sentiment or reflection you want, look for signs such as "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you," "Love Grows Here" or "Relax, enjoy God's work."

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