How to Repot Schefflera House Plants


Gardeners who enjoy growing indoor plants often include a schefflera plant with their indoor groupings. These tropical plants will grow prolifically as long as they have ample indirect sunlight and adequate moisture. After several years in the same pot, you must repot schefflera house plants to prevent them from becoming root bound and enable them to continue growing and thriving. Watch the schefflera plant for indications it is ready for a larger pot.

Step 1

Examine your schefflera plant so you can determine when you need to repot it. When you see roots on the surface of the soil, this indicates that the schefflera plant needs a larger pot.

Step 2

Fill the new container with 2 inches of fresh potting soil.

Step 3

Remove the schefflera houseplant from its existing container and place it into the larger container.

Step 4

Carefully add more potting soil around the plant, filling the container with fresh potting soil.

Step 5

Water the newly repotted schefflera houseplant generously after repotting it.

Step 6

Place the plant in an indoor location with southeast or southwest exposure. Begin fertilizing the schefflera plant one to two weeks after repotting.

Things You'll Need

  • Schefflera house plant
  • Larger pot (2 inches larger in diameter)
  • Fresh potting soil
  • Water
  • All-purpose fertilizer (water-soluble)


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