Popular Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping frames a home's exterior, creating an eye-pleasing environment to impress passers-by and visitors. Consider landscaping as exterior design very similar to the design principles used to decorate the interior of your home. Popular landscaping trends include the use of low maintenance, native plants that thrive in local soil and moisture conditions. New trends also incorporate xeriscaping to use less water as an ecologically sound alternative to high-maintenance landscape. Popular landscaping ideas always revolve around basic landscaping design principles, but trends show increased interest in simple, relaxed designs instead of formal, symmetrical gardens.


Xeriscape refers to the use of less water in the landscape. This type of design uses less water through basic principles of good plant choices, efficient watering and conserving water use within the xeriscape using mulches to retain moisture. Xeriscaping has become popular as an alternative to the more common higher maintenance, high water-use gardens seen across the country. The use of drought-resistant plants helps enforce the popular trend of incorporating water conservation into home garden design.


Busy lives equal less time to spend weeding, hoeing and planting in our home gardens. Gardening trends show homeowners prefer creating new gardens designed for less maintenance. Native plants tolerate existing soil and moisture conditions to serve as the backbone of a well-designed home garden. Garden centers typically showcase native plants that work well in that area's planting zone. Each plant's label describes its basic needs including sunlight, water requirements and spacing for optimum health. Among the simplest plants that provide stunning impact in the home landscape are ornamental grasses. These hardy plants require plenty of space to grow but very little water. In addition, ornamental grasses enhance the landscape through the winter months despite the dried foliage and stalks. Simple maintenance includes a haircut as soon as new shoots appear in the spring.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens bring to mind traditional English-style white picket fences surrounding a walkway lined with a host of stunning blooms. This type of landscaping requires considerably more maintenance. Avid gardeners want riotous color, and popular garden plans incorporate multiple varieties of flowering annuals and perennials to achieve the cottage garden effect. Cottage garden design uses plenty of flowers as well as arbors and benches to create an oasis-type retreat in the home landscape.

Solar Lighting

Using less becomes more when choosing accent pieces for the home garden. Solar lighting to enhance the outdoor living space during the night hours represents one of the most popular landscape additions for a homeowner. No wires and very little maintenance make solar lighting a viable option for every homeowner. Spotlights or simple path lighting enhance the outdoor landscape and make the living space usable for nighttime entertainment.

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