Benefits of Indoor Plants

If you love to garden outdoors, bring that love indoors. Indoor plants have an undeserved reputation for being difficult to maintain. Some, like cane plants, are actually very easy to grow indoors. More importantly, the benefits of indoor plants far outweigh their care needs.

Air Cleaners

Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen. Some even filter harmful fumes out of the air. Ivy, philodendrons, ficus plants and ferns, all popular houseplants, are known to remove harsh chemicals such as paint fumes or cigarette smoke from the air inside your home. They can even remove allergens such as dust. Indoor plants, through transpiration (the evaporation of water from the leaves) also increase the humidity levels indoors. Finally, some indoor plants, such as the pink jasmine, can also add a pleasing fragrance to the air, removing the need to use chemical air fresheners.

Good Feelings

Indoor plants can make people happy. They add a splash of nature to any environment, which is refreshing and soothing. In fact, the living energy indoor plants create is a major part of the Feng Shui theory of interior decorating, which emphasizes the use of plants as a calming influence in the home. Indoor plants make any room look brighter and more attractive, which in turn makes the people in the room feel welcomed. They can also work as noise reducers. A study done by South Bank University in London showed that one indoor plant placed for every 100 square meters in a building significantly reduced the background noise level in that building. The effects are only apparent in buildings and rooms with a lot of hard surfaces, however.

Healthier Lifestyle

According to an article in "LiveScience" magazine, indoor plants in offices decrease headaches and stress while increasing productivity. A study done by Korean researchers hints that this could be a result of the ability of indoor plants to remove large amounts of formaldehyde from the environment. Peer-reviews of research on the effects of indoor plants show that exposure to plants does aid in the management of pain.

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