Uses for a Riding Lawn Mower

Riding lawn mowers are capable of cutting lawns of substantial size, where the grass spreads out over 1 acre or more. There area many accessories and blades to use on a riding lawn mower to help outdoor jobs like snow removal and lawn edging.

Large Lawns

Riding lawn mowers are ideal to use for large lawns, where a push mower takes far longer to get the job done. Large front and back yards can be mowed in a few hours with a riding mower. Riding lawn mowers also are ideal along roadsides where you have long strips of grass to cut. A riding lawn mower comes in a range of sizes with different blade types and speeds so you can adjust to the lawn. Riding mowers also have the ability to attach cutters on the back to use for thicker grasses in areas like orchards and fields.

Garden Mulch

Riding lawn mowers are ideal for collecting pieces of grass clippings and other small yard debris. The mower has a built-in bag that attaches to the mower to collect the grass bits that can then be used to mulch around flower beds and other garden areas. They have a faster ground speed for grass cutting, and they have the ability to convert from side discharge to mulching with the bag. Mulching mowers are also ideal because they reuse the grass and other cut materials, making them environmentally and budget friendly.

Snow Removal

Riding lawn mowers can be used in areas where snow is heavy and removal is essential in keeping driveways functional. A riding mower removes snow with a snow removal attachment that is mounted on the front of the mower. As the mower moves forward, the built-in blade grinds the snow up, spitting it out through an attached snow blower. The front mounted blade is made to resist denting and rusting--ideal in snowy conditions. The spout is angled up and outright to shoot the chopped snow out and away from pedestrian areas like sidewalks and driveways.

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