How to Use a Push Mower


Since the advent of gas powered and riding mowers, the lowly push mower has taken a back seat to the next generation. However, green homeowners and those with a touch of nostalgia still turn to the push mower for their lawn care needs. Newer models of push mowers are easier to use than their predecessors, relatively cheap and quite easy to operate. And many lawn owners feel that the intimacy of a push mower makes them feel like they have a more intimate relationship with their lawns.

Step 1

Hand weed any weeds in the yard before mowing. Push mowers do not effectively cut weeds. Also clear any sticks or other debris.

Step 2

Adjust the height of the cutter bar so that it is in the correct position to cut the top 1/3 of your grass (read the owner's manual to locate the lever on your particular model of push mower). Then test a small section of grass to ensure that you have reached the appropriate cutting height before moving forward.

Step 3

Start at one end of the lawn and create a straight row while walking at a normal pace behind the mower.

Step 4

Turn around at the other end of the lawn and start the next row so that it overlaps the first by at least 2 inches. Continue to make overlapping rows until you have cut the entire lawn. One pass is enough to cut most lawns.

Step 5

Wipe off the blades of your push mower before putting it up. If your lawn suffers from any disease, wash the blades with soap and water.


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