Garden Sprayer Parts

A quality garden sprayer is an invaluable multi-purpose tool. Garden sprayers can be used to deliver water beyond where a hose will reach and efficiently apply pesticides and fertilizer solutions precisely where they are needed with an adjustable and controlled rate and force of spray.

Storage Reservoir Tank

The storage tank is commonly the largest element in a garden sprayer unit. It is a hollow vessel that comes in varying sizes. They are typically made of a high density but lightweight and non-reactive plastic or metal. The reservoir is topped by a screw-on cap and pump assembly that has rubber gasket allowing the reservoir it to be pressurized.

Pressure Pump

The pressure pump assembly sits atop the reservoir and forms a seal to keep the contents sealed in and under pressure. Atop the screw lid sits a handle pump assembly that allows air to be pumped into the reservoir with up and down motions of the handle but does not allow the air to escape thereby building up pressure inside the reservoir. The pressure pump mechanism is topped by the pump handle which also serves as the carrying handle when locked into position.

Spray Nozzle

The spray nozzle is a narrow exit point and the end of the sprayer handle or wand that emits the content of the reservoir in a controlled spray. The nozzle is often adjustable to control both the width of the spray pattern as well as the fineness of the liquid droplets as they are expressed out of the nozzle. Simple twist controls are most common and by turning the nozzle casing left or right you control the spray.

Spray Trigger

The spray trigger controls the flow and stoppage of flow through the nozzle. Most have a pistol trigger action that is controlled by a few fingers or by the thumb. The spray trigger can be binary being on or off or can be pressure sensitive for an adjustable rate of flow through the nozzle.

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