Garden & Lattice Ideas

Incorporating lattice and lattice pieces into your garden is an easy way to add interest and functionality. Lattice can be used in many ways to make a garden more beautiful while serving a useful purpose. Lattice is also an inexpensive and readily-available material to use in a garden for basic structures and decorations.


Lattice pieces make excellent trellises to provide support for climbing vines and trailing plants. Lattice pieces can be used to provide back support for large trailing or climbing roses, vine plants (clematis, cypress vine, morning glory). Lattice pieces should be attached to stakes for support. Tie vines and branches to the lattice to train them to climb and vine through the slats and openings. Small pieces of lattice can be cut and staked in smaller pots and containers for potted plants that climb or trail.

Fence Panels

Full pieces of lattice can be attached between stakes or posts to create fence panels that provide a portion of privacy without completely obliterating the view. Lattice panels can be inserted in between regular privacy fence panels to create a unique decorative effect.


Lattice panels can be used as the topper for a small garden pergola. A pergola can become a decorative and pleasant seating area that provides shade and a focal point for socializing and enjoying a garden. Attach pieces of lattice to posts of the pergola for use as plant trellises.


Lattice pieces can be used to create an arbor as an entryway into a garden area. The lattice slats can also serve as trellises for plants.

Garden Fencing

Lattice panels can be used to create a decorative fence to keep small animals like rabbits out of a garden area . This lattice fence will deter pesky critters while not completely blocking the view of the garden area. Lattice panels are usually available in four by eight sections. A rabbit fence can be created by cutting panels in half lengthwise to create a two-foot-tall fence.

Garden Tool Center

A lattice panel can be mounted on posts next to a garden to create a handy garden tool center inside a garden shed or under a covered porch or patio. Hang s-hooks on the lattice slats to hold various garden tools. Drill a hole in the end of wooden handles of trowels, hand cultivators, bulb planters, pruners and other small garden tools. Tie twine or string through each tool and hang them on the lattice tool center.

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