Good Garden Ideas

Turn your garden into an oasis filled with colorful blooms and inviting pathways. Use eye-catching accents like dwarf maple trees and billowing butterfly bushes to fill up the garden. Add a tricking fountain to an outdoor patio or nestle it within an herb garden to create a serene and relaxing feel in the garden. Have fun adding decorative elements to your garden and creating your own private retreat.

Herb Garden

Use a section of your garden to create an herb garden. This aromatic garden nestled within your outdoor landscape provides a lush green contrast to surrounding plants and flowers, while filling the air with sweet scents. Create the herb garden by adding large and full herbs like rosemary and lavender to the back of the bed. When you brush by, the scent will permeate the space. Around the taller herbs, plant medium-sized basil and dill plants. Their upright form and lovely texture add a balance to the herb garden. In the front of the herb garden, use low-growing and creeping herbs like thyme, sage and marjoram. These lovely little herbs fill in the base of the herb garden for an elegant design.

Stone Path

Add a stone path in flagstone or slate to lead to and from outdoor structures like arbors, as well as through your flower gardens for an inviting and functional garden addition. Garden paths add contrast to outdoor spaces and can be constructed over a weekend, making them an affordable and practical garden design idea. In between the stones, add ground covers like blue star creeper. Border the path with green accents, such as ferns or cedar bushes. Lay mulch around the stones for an added color contrast, and to help the surrounding plants retain moisture.


A good garden design idea is to add a pergola to the outdoor landscape. Pergolas are ideal to use for your outdoor living and dining. Nestle them along a perennial garden and grow creeping vines like grapevines and wisteria along the posts of the pergola to create a fragrant shaded roof. Pergolas contrast nicely with the adjacent garden and are a good way to create a focal point to the outdoor landscape. Under the pergola, add a set of outdoor patio furniture for entertaining with friends and family. For a warm glow, add a string of outdoor lights inside the vines.

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