How to Use a Post Hole Auger


Post hole augers, or diggers, are essential tools for fence building. Without one, digging post holes can be a large and arduous task. However, while post hole augers cut time in half, these machines do take strength and know how to operate correctly. After renting or purchasing this machine, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions or discuss the machine's operation with the rental dealer.

Step 1

If you live in the United States, call 811 and check with the city to see if your digging will interfere with any underground pipes or lines.

Step 2

Mark the spots where you intend to dig the holes.

Step 3

Check to make sure that the machine is filled with gasoline.

Step 4

Put on ear plugs, steel-toed boots and leather gloves to protect yourself.

Step 5

Position the post hole auger where you want the hole drilled. Hold each handle firmly with each hand. Stand with your feet planted shoulder-width apart and well away from the blades, but not far enough to upset your balance.

Step 6

Turn it on, and dig the hole a third at a time. Lift the auger straight up after each third to excavate the dirt.

Step 7

Remove the auger from the hole when you have reached the desired depth. Then, turn off the auger, and move on to the next hole to dig.

Things You'll Need

  • Post hole auger


  • Rental HQ: Tips for Using a Rented Auger
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