How to Get Tree Stumps Out


Tree stumps are ugly and create problems in your landscaping because they take up prime planting space and make it more difficult to mow the lawn. Burning is an effective way to get tree stumps out, especially if you're dealing with several stumps on one property. It allows you to remove the portions of the stumps that are above ground, so you can cover the area with soil and grass or a garden. Obstructing roots will be easier to remove once a stump is gone. Dry stumps burn the quickest, but removal may still take two to three weeks.

Step 1

Check with local authorities to make sure that it is okay to burn on your property. Many agencies want to be notified of the exact time you will be burning, so they will know there is no emergency on your land.

Step 2

Build a stove on top of each tree stump. Take a metal can such as a large coffee can and remove the top and bottom. Poke holes in the sides, near the bottom, to create air holes.

Step 3

Consider making the stoves from stones or bricks instead. Place them in a circular shape on top of the tree stumps. Stack them until they are at least six inches high and leave the top open.

Step 4

Fill the stoves with wood kindling, charcoal or coal. Light them with a match. Kindling works well to get the fire started, but coal or charcoal keep it burning for a longer period of time.

Step 5

Let the fires burn until that part of the tree stump is charred. Move the stoves to other sections of the stump if dealing with especially large trees.

Step 6

Remove the charred remains of the tree stumps once all the fires are out. Dispose of the remaining parts of the stumps in a compost pile, and cover the area with soil, sod or a garden.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not burn stumps that are close to buildings or sheds, where there may be flammable materials. Monitor the burning closely throughout the process.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal can, stones or bricks
  • Sharp instrument (scissors)
  • Kindling, coal or charcoal
  • Matches


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