Gardening Education Computer Programs

Gardening education computer software is a helpful tool which lets you understand all of the elements of gardening from planning to planting and harvesting. The programs listed provide a collection of information and articles on gardening in the areas of plant care, garden design, plant diseases and placement. Some gardening software comes with photos of plants, plant libraries, videos and demonstrations. Any one of these programs can be downloaded from reputable sites or the manufacturers themselves.

American Gardener

American Gardener is software which helps you choose the best location for growing plants on your property. You will find information on the slope of the land and where the best spots for planting are on your property. This educational gardening software provides information from soil preparation to proper nutrition for plants. It will teach you proper methods for saving or preserving seeds.

Flower Master

This garden education computer software comes as an interactive CD-ROM. The software helps the user create matches between different flowers according their individual needs and zones for growing specific flowers. There are hundreds of flowers, including both perennials and annuals.

Herb Master

This garden education computer software is from the same developer as Flower Master. It has recipes and references for 2,500 herbs, minerals and vitamins. You can look up facts, photos and illustrations as well as 3,000 recipes, formulas and tinctures.

Garden Composer

The Garden Composer is a plant encyclopedia with listings for 15,000 plants including trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers. The software also provides a comprehensive search tool to find the best plants for your garden. You can also look at your garden from different seasons and years. This helps you learn about and prevent various diseases and pests that may strike your garden. The extended search helps find the best plants to use for your garden.

Easy Home Gardening

Easy Home Gardening is a planting and planning program which helps you understand when to plant and when to harvest. You get zone maps for your specific area so you know what plants can be started at various times of the year. This garden education computer software also comes with a plant library and 40 videos on helpful gardening "how-to"s.

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