How to Build a Hanging Plant Stand


Hanging plants add life, color and softness to any decor, whether it be interior of exterior. Create the perfect place to hang plants that will lend a dramatic flair to a corner of your patio, deck, living room or hall. Based on a coat tree design, this plant stand will hold up to four hanging plants and house more in its base.

Step 1

Mix enough quick-setting concrete mix to fill the planter pot five-eighths of the way up. Check package directions for exact measurements of water and mix and for exact mixing directions for that brand.

Step 2

Attach a long plant hook to the top area of one of the sides of the post using the screws that were provided with the hook. The hook should be positioned about 8 inches from the top of the post. The size of the post is determined by the size of the plant pot and the size of the plants that will be hung on it. It should be strong enough to endure the weight of the plants while leaving plenty of room in the planter for concrete to secure it.

Step 3

Turn the post a quarter turn and attach another plant hook approximately 6 inches lower than the previous hook but on the newly exposed side of the post. The next two hooks will follow the same pattern, moving 6 inches down and turning a quarter turn until all four sides have a hook on them and they are each progressively lower than the previous.

Step 4

Pour part of the concrete into the plant pot and stand the post in the center. Fill the plant pot with concrete until it is about five-eighths full. This will leave a little bit of room in the top of the planter to plant a few small plants or to fill with rock or moss for decorative purposes. Hold or prop up the post until the concrete has dried. Be sure to make the post level and to keep it level until the concrete has set firmly.

Step 5

Plant moss or plants in the top of the plant pot or fill with decorative rocks or Spanish moss. If you are planting plants that require drainage, drill small holes in the planter around the top of the concrete to allow water to drain off. Be sure to use this type of planter outside or set in a large enough dish to catch draining water.

Things You'll Need

  • 18-inch or larger decorative planting pot
  • Fast-setting concrete mix
  • Water
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Mixing stick
  • 2-by-2-by-6 or larger pressure treated lumber or fence post
  • 10-inch or larger plant hooks
  • Screw gun or drill with screw driver bit


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